CEREC® CAD/CAM Ceramic Restoration

CEREC® is a computer-aided ceramic tooth restoration system. Using CAD/CAM software with the CEREC® system, we are able to design every detail of your restoration for a customized, perfect fit. It allows us to prepare ceramic crowns, inlays, and onlays in just a matter of minutes. What previously required multiple appointments can now be done in one single visit! This saves you time, eliminates long waits while the restorations are being prepared, and uncomfortable temporary fillings or crowns. In addition, the durable enamel-like material produced by the CEREC® system not only leaves you with enhanced and restored function but also gives you a natural feel and appearance.

How does CEREC® work?

Once your tooth is prepared, we will take a digital image of it using the i-CAT, which produces a 3D computerized model used as a template for your restored crowns, inlays, or onlays. After Dr. Hung has thoroughly reviewed the model and carefully designed your new tooth, the data is sent to the CEREC® machine here in the office. It will then generate your custom-made restoration from a high-quality ceramic block within just a few minutes. Dr. Hung determines the color of the ceramic block so that your new tooth esthetically matches your surrounding teeth. Once the restoration is ready, it is polished and cemented into place on the original tooth. With CEREC®, we are able to complete this treatment in one single visit!

Why should I use CEREC®?

CEREC® offers you many advantages over traditional methods for crowns, inlays, and onlays. With this new technology, you won’t need dental impressions or temporary fillings. You also won’t need to wait for your new teeth to be completed or come in for additional visits. It actually saves you time and is much more efficient than any of the traditional methods. CEREC® is also a gentler way to restore your teeth. It preserves more of your teeth’s natural structure and leaves them stronger than before. By using CEREC®, we can give you a long-lasting, naturally beautiful smile!

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