Dental Sealants in Houston, TX

Dental Sealants

It’s always a good idea to keep ahead of the game regarding your oral health. Sealants are a great way to prevent any decay or cavities from happening. At Memorial Heights Dental Center, we make sure that your teeth are well protected.

Dr. Hung and the staff will be able to use this simple and painless procedure. This is also one of the most cost-effective procedures for preventing tooth decay. Finding sealants near you will be easy as every dentist can perform this.

What are Sealants?

Sealants are applied to your back teeth. These teeth, in particular, are the most vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. This is because your toothbrush might not be able to reach all of it while brushing.

Sealants use a thin layer of resin applied to the surface of your back teeth. Then, they are cured with a special lighting tool. This will create a protective surface that will keep any bacteria or foot particles out.

Dentists in Houston, TX, offering sealants, know that preventative measures can be taken with sealants. That’s because brushing can do so much, but it might not be enough sometimes.

These sealants are applied in one appointment. Unlike some dental procedures, you won’t have to worry about coming back multiple times. After applying these sealants, you must continue brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Will I need sealants reapplied?

You won’t need them reapplied so long as you take good care of your teeth. Continued poor oral hygiene will lead to these sealants falling off. You must prevent this from happening.

Continue regular brushing and flossing. If you have any questions about sealants, Dr. Hung will have the answers you need. At Memorial Heights Dental Center, we do our best to help take care of your teeth.

Need sealants? See us today!

Memorial Heights Dental Center can schedule an appointment to see if sealants are right for you. Nothing is more important than protecting your teeth from any decay or cavities. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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