Orthodontics in Houston, TX

Orthodontics in Houston

Orthodontic Treatment in Dr. Hung

A beautiful smile with straight teeth says much about your image. It boosts your confidence and allows you to show your teeth without fear. Malocclusions or bad bites can degrade the look of teeth. Memorial Heights Dental Center offers orthodontic treatment to improve your smile appearance and enhance your mouth’s functionality.

Having straight and aligned teeth not only offers aesthetic value but also enhances your oral hygiene. Cleaning the teeth when properly aligned is easier, helping prevent periodontal disease and cavities, and a straight bite helps with speech and chewing. Our dentist near you will provide orthodontic treatment based on your particular case.

What Does Orthodontics Correct?

Orthodontic care resolves issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, buckteeth, deep bite, overbite, and spacing.

Our orthodontic treatment involves:


Our dentist fabricates Invisalign® trays that you put on to move the teeth to targeted positions. You change the aligners after 14 days or as our dentists advise. Every individual’s Invisalign treatment plan is different.

Our dentist in Houston will monitor the progress of the treatment and determine when to change the trays. Invisalign works for adults and responsible teens with moderate to mild orthodontic problems. These invisible trays will work discreetly to shift teeth and align them.

Contact Memorial Heights Dental Center if you have bite issues that require correction with braces.

Orthodontics Service

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