Partials and Full Dentures in Houston, TX

Partials and Dentures in Houston

Restoring your smile is a priority. If you are missing multiple teeth, you know there are cost-effective options since you might not be able to afford bridges or implants.

Partials and full dentures are affordable. Memorial Heights Dental Center can determine what you need to restore that smile. Dr. Hung will examine your teeth in their current state. Knowing your options is important so the team can create your partials or dentures from scratch.

What are partials and full dentures?

Partials and full dentures are artificial teeth that are removable. They are designed to replace any missing teeth. They can be missing due to tooth decay or the extraction of several teeth.

The difference between a partial and full denture pertains to the number of teeth. A partial denture will cover multiple teeth (while some others remain). A full denture will cover your mouth’s entire top or bottom part.

A dentist near you will examine your mouth and be able to determine based on the number of teeth you may have left. For example, you will need a partial if you are missing all but five teeth. A full denture will be your best option if there are no teeth.

A dentist in Houston, can give an impression of your leftover teeth. This will be to ensure that they are the best fit.

They’ll be able to create the denture onsite or through a dental lab contracted through them. These will take anywhere from six weeks to three months to create.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to wear them. They’ll look as real as they can get. No one will even notice that you’re wearing them at all. Our dentistry might be the best option if you are looking for partials and full dentures in Houston, TX.

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If you are missing multiple teeth, a partial or full denture might be what you need. You must visit Memorial Heights Dental Center to know what options you may have. Finding partials and full dentures near you have always been challenging.

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