TMJ Treatment in Houston, TX

TMJ Treatment in Houston

You may suffer from TMJ pain if you wake up every morning with jaw pain and sometimes experience a clicking or popping sound while eating. Memorial Heights Dental Center in Houston, TX, is the area’s leading TMJ treatment center, with a long list of patients who report excellent results.

If there are times that you find you can’t open your mouth entirely or chewing hard-to-eat foods causes intense pain, you may have TMJ disorder requiring treatment. Sometimes these pain disorders accompany severe neck or back pain, migraines, and other headaches. Many millions of Americans suffer from TMJ pain each year, and early treatment is their best hope for relief. Finding early treatment is very important for patients suffering from TMJ disorders.

What Causes TMJ and TMD Pain?

Usually, excessive stress in the joints is what causes the initial pain in patients. The pressure often originates with a jawbone that is not in complete alignment. This misalignment causes the TMJ ligaments to become inflamed after being asked to carry too heavy a load during the day’s activities. The body will begin to adjust the muscles around the jaw to take up some slack to mitigate damage to the ligaments. This can start to cause intense pain in a short amount of time.

What Can I Expect at My Visit?

During your initial consultation, our dentist in Memorial will examine the muscles and tissue around the jawline; we may perform a joint analysis and possibly even an X-ray or EMG. The exam will be painless, but we can use the results to find the source of the pain you’re feeling and then plan a customized treatment protocol to address the pain.

What Comes Next?

TMJ pain treatment can be an extensive process. Often, patients need to change their routines to help mitigate the pain. The condition is degenerative, so some patients will even require surgery. It’s essential to exhaust all treatment options before resorting to surgery. Only a qualified specialist like Memorial Heights Dental Center in Houston, TX, can decide when and if surgery is required. Call us today for your consultation.

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